1. Bows and arrows are not toys, treat them with respect.
  2. Obey instructors at all times.
  3. Do not walk or run with an arrow in the string or in your hands.
  4. Do not dry fire the bow.
  5. Walk at all times, do not run.
  6. Never wear long earrings, loose shirts, or neckties. Put long hair up.
  7. No opened toed shoes.
  8. Stay behind lines at all times.
  9. Do not load bow until whistle blows and everyone is behind the line.
  10. Always make sure you can see your target clearly.
    • This is very important when hunting.
  11. Do not shoot arrows into the air
    • I almost got shot shooting many into the air at one time.
    • Example: Person shooting at a squirrel.
  12. Never point an arrow at anyone.
  13. Never shoot arrows that are to short.
  14. Check arrows and nocks for cracks.
  15. Check to see if your strings are on the limbs properly.
  16. Always use a bow stringer, to string and unstring your bow.
  17. Wear safety equipment the proper way at all times.
  18. Make sure your equipment is in proper working order:
    • bent limbs
    • frayed string
    • cracked nocks
    • kisser button moved
    • sights are at the right settings
    • everything is tight
    • string is on limbs properly
  19. Always keep bow pointed down range.
  20. Fishing for arrows.
  22. Make sure your target/backstop will stop your arrows.